I tend to be equal parts adventurer and homebody.
I have lived in big cities like Vancouver and Victoria before but at the end of the day I am more of a Okanagan gal. On the weekends I love to take my puppy to the park or spend a Sunday morning in church. So If you love adventure, laughter and value days spent with the good company of family and friends then I'm your gal.


When I'm not laughing with a bride and groom or playing hide and seek during a family session I'm usually still outside. I spend most of my free time out with my friends or my puppy. I love camping, hiking together and just getting to explore and enjoy our surroundings. I live like every day is a new adventure. When I'm not feeling outdoorsy I'm usually curled up with a good book and a cup or tea. 

when I'm not behind the camera

When it comes to my photography my philosophy is all about balance. I strive to balance genuine emotion with carefully curated moments. It's all about finding the light coming through the window at just the right angle or the guests of a wedding making the perfect frame for the bride and groom. Then taking that beautiful environment and documenting the moments that happen within it. To me the perfect photograph is all about that relationship between surroundings and circumstance.

My style is a mix between artistic and documentary. I love to find a romantic or moody location and then just let the moments of laughter and joy unfold naturally. I'm all about just heading out on an adventure and having fun during our session. If your not laughing and having a great time then I'm not doing my job. I want to break down the barrier that gets put up when someone picks up a camera and let you enjoy your session or big day with no reservations. I'm simply there to laugh and cry and dance right along with you.